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First Blood Test - Pre Accutane

xelz hah


This is my first entry of many. I'm writing this mostly to keep track of the many different routines I try with my skin and also to track my round of accutane that I will be starting in a month.

My history:

I saw some pimples when I was around 12 and ordered proactiv right away. This worked for a while but I built up a tolerance. I then saw too many dermatologists to count in the following two years because I began to get crazy about my skin. I ended up settling on birth control, minocyclin (oral antibiotic) and benzac ac (10% benzoyl peroxide). This kept my skin almost perfectly clear from the ages of 16 to 19. People would compliment me on my clear skin!

I was on and off minocyclin at this time with some flare ups when I'd stopped. As my tolerance to benzac grew I kept trying different creams, clyndoxyl stuck with me for a while. I tried a retin-a cream which aggravated my skin and I am currently prescriped Ziana and Biacna. I use glycolic acid and I'm trying to get off salicylic acid.

Once I hit my 20's I noticed I was more sensitive to products and more breakouts. Now I am 21 and my skin started with lines of skin coloured bumps on my cheeks which I thought was a reaction, these turned into pimples and then this happened on my forehead. The cheeks have taken two months to somewhat clear up but every time somewhere clears a new area on my face feels bumpy and like sandpaper. It's been a battle to try and fight this and alot of the bumps end red. I have developed a few cysts which is more than I've ever had in my life.

I am going to document the little details of what I put on my face every day up until accutane and the products I use during accutane along with my progress.

Here's hoping...


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Yeah good luck with everything! It can be rough but also well worth it. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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Ill be following this too because it sounds like we have the same similar bumps! lol Anyway best of luck again.

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