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Almost A Week! (Package Came This Morning!)



So this morning means it has almost been a full week since I started The Regimen and I started using basic washes I have at home (But acne.org stuff came this morning):

Wash: BeautiControl wash (lotion)

BP: BeautiControl spot treatment with 2% BP

Moisturizer: Meleluca Renew & BeautiControl Overnight lotion

I have also done 3 facials in between: 1.) Sea Salt hot press followed by Black tea bag (this on my cystic acne: worked like a charm) done on clean skin. 2.) a Honey mask a couple days later 3.) BeautiControl Microderma treatment (gentle setting)

My results:

Today my cystic acne has already come to a head and flattened.

I feel (and maybe this is me being hopeful) that what was a constant stream of break outs has slowed down. (No joke before I started this i was getting a new breakout every couple days- followed by scaring when they'd heal)

I did the BeautiControl Microderm treatment to help remove the dead skin on top... and i noticed a huge difference by last night with my face now vs. last Thursday. But there is still a road ahead.

Today: I am super excited because the real products came in from acne.org. I am very interested in the Treatment! (I like my wash and moisturizer but bought the whole package to give it all a fair try) So this next week I hope to be very revealing. Thus far I was using only a spot treatment but I rather use something I know i can put on my entire face that has nothing extra.. I am a little nervous to use so much BP but I read online that your acne will never become resistant to BP - So talk about an effective intervention to hormonal acne!

What I have learned: One thing I really learned is that I never was as gentle with my face in the past as I thought I had been all along. When following the steps to The Regimen you become very conscious to make sure you are being Gentle!!! Yet there are times in the morning when my brain isn't awake and I have gone to wash my face and I unconsciously start out so roughly with the water! It is as if I'm scrubbing a pot! LOL.... But then my mind wakes up and I quickly recall, "Gentle!"

Also, for ladies who wear your makeup: Which I do and will always... I was wondering if it really would work being so gentle and removing the makeup. Well it does and I wear MAC! I always shower at night and I think that is the key. Just let a lot of water hit your face. (How I tested it is, on the first night I attempted this, after my shower I followed up with a white cotton pad and toner and saw no make up was left behind! what a relief) However, with eyes you will need to purchase a gentle makeup remover... otherwise, foundation, powder, primer... all comes off!

So tonight will mark the start of the Regime with the acne.org products!

I am still excited!

Healthy Lifestyle: Making a conscious effort to drink more water has really helped out all around for me. It has been a week and now my body craves water big time! This Sunday we are going to attempt eating only the things we by at our local farmers market... so more veggies and fresh fruit. And we are only doing it for a week and see if we can extend it from there.

Yoga - I love love love my new ipad app called: Yoga Studio - Ad yoga to your life to help manage your stress! Well... I am not into the whole chanting mind blanking type... Just being aware of your body along with slow controlled movements results in a refreshed relaxed afterglow =)

ONE MORE THING!! - This might be a dumb thing to include but it was important to me: I had the products delivered to my work and I was dreading the packaging. I was afraid the return address would say acne.org on it or the box have logos. But happily it was packaged very discreetly! Plain brown box and only a return address on it. Thank you!


I am so happy for you. I love discretion. Hopefully the Regimen will work for you. I too had cystic acne. Read my blog if you are interested in how I got rid of it. Peace!

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@amoxilworx - Thank you for your words. I did check out your profile and pics! So glad you found such a permanent solution. At this moment, I am trying to work on my acne without medication... Hopefully it works... lol, because I am horrible at taking pills. No joke! lol, I not matter how small they are I feel like they get stuck in my throat! lol

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