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Alright, I'm still hanging in here and doing my best to keep everything under control.

Last night, I noticed a few of the last buried pimples were surfacing, which I didn't really have a strong opinion on. I was glad they were coming out, but if they got larger, I would pop them in the morning. Well, after applying 1/2 AHA and 1/2 moisturizer last night, they shrank considerably! I did notice that a papule is forming next to a whitehead I popped though...I've spot-treated it with AHA, so we'll see what happens. Two other small bumps appeared on my clearer side towards my jawline, which I'm pretty sure is just hormonal, and they're also shrinking now.

Other than that, I'm still very dry, but exfoliating with jojoba in the shower has helped that a bit. I'm waiting all of this out, and remaining as positive as I can! Eep!

Since tomorrow is officially the half-way point to 90 days on the Regimen, I shall post with pictures of how my skin's improved the past few days. Woohoo!


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Yay!!!! Sounds like you're in the final push to clear skin :) I'm so happy for you! this is really great smile.png

Today I'm much better than I was before. I actually woke up happy and feeling refreshed and have stayed that way through the day. I;m not dreading school any more and feeling hopeless.

Kind of embarassing but I think the paranoia/depression was really just me being too hard on myself, not so much the pill. You were right! tongue.png I really need to give it a full three months before I chuck it. I'm sure if I did early I'd be going through regrets about it 'til December.

Anyway, renewed optimism is coming from realising that my face is actually really smooth right now. The main issue is the hyperpigmentation, which is healing up.

I was looking at some pictures of me from May, just before all the skin issues and, even though they were taken in a pretty favourable light, my skin actually looked really good. And I can remember that day, worrying that it looked bad, hiding my face from people when I was out, etc.

Remembering those feelings I had and then seeing that I actually looked fine really helped my confidence a lot. smile.png

Well week 5 and 6 can be the toughest, right? Onward and upward from here in, I think. smile.pngsmile.png

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Daw thanks! :) I'm excited but trying to stay calm in case another one comes. It's looking good though!!!

I'm so glad you're feeling better. It would've been a bummer if you had to switch your birth control so early. Good that you were able to realize it was just a reaction and not hormonal! I usually can't tell haha.

We're our worst critics, seriously. I'm the same way with my skin. When I look back at times when it was doing better than it is now I thought it was disastrous!

Oh well, at least we're on the mend!! :) 5 and 6 are pretty challenging, yeah, so we're in the clear!

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Yeah! I actually broke my own rule and looked at my skin a little bit ago. I have the habit of touching it a lot (terrible, I know) Anyway, things always feel bigger than they actually look. Happy to report things are definitely drying up and the reddest places are pigmentation, so much easier to cover if I need to. Still three weeks away from classes so I'm hopeful that they'll fade away a bit (I had some massively red spots that seem to have faded really quickly to pale pink in the past month.)

Not sure what to do about the doctor appointment though. I think I'll go and maybe just ask about a referral to a dermatologist, just in case I have some further problems.. here's hoping I don't!

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Hey Liz! I'm on the 9th (going 10th on Thursday) week on my regimen and I've had amazing improvements! I'm still flaking though but that's fine since I'm about 95% clear now. Let's hang in there okay? Have a great day!

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Aw, I'm really glad you're doing so well! :) I hope to be there by my 9th week. Congrats on your success so far and thanks for the support.

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