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Roiling Emotions...



Today, I woke up with a cheek pimple. Cheek pimples are not the same as forehead or chin pimples. For me, having a cheek pimple is an emotionally tolling experience; on my skin, they are more likely to leave scars, more resistant to treatment, and take longer to go away. So, today I was a bit of a beyotch. I acted like I was PMS-ing. It always results in my spending a few hours surfing the internet looking for something that will shed new light on how I can treat my acne. I decided that it was time to add antioxidants into the mix. My regimen for the past few weeks has been

AM: Olay foaming wash for sensitive skin, oil control treatment from Clean and Clear (it's Salicylic Acid), On-the-spot benzoyl peroxide, CeraVe AM

PM: Olay foaming wash for sensitive skin, CeraVe PM, tazorac.

And it's been working pretty well... except my skin looks kinda dull by the end of the day (the benzoyl peroxide, I'm assuming). I added in Hydralight Toner from Paula's Choice last week, which I ordered a few months ago, but didn't take with me on my recent international trip. And, I'm thinking about changing out that CeraVe PM for the Resist Clear Skin Hydrator. It seems to work well in conjunction with BP and the lactoperoxidase could help since it's an antibacterial. It also has a stable form of vitamin C. I have two samples. I will use it this week and see if I like it. Paula's Choice has free shipping until September, so this is definitely the time to stock up.

Some people would call it vanity, but I doubt anyone with acne scarring isn't affected by it in some way. It's not that I'm vain, but rather that acne is just...it makes you feel less than your best.

Have I mentioned that I'm also losing my hair o.O They STILL don't know why....


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