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Day 13- Grease Galore



Hi all,

So it has been 13 days since I started the regimen. I feel like I have noticed a difference in my skin since my last post.

Last week my skin was suffering from so much redness and dryness it was horrid. My skin felt so rough and I kept having to motivate myself to continue with this.

Due to it being the summer I have been at home since starting this regimen, and will be untill September. So being without make up has not bothered me that much. I have left the house makeup free a few times which is a massive step for me! Although I dont really have a choice as the few times I have recently attemped to cover up my dry skin is so much more obvious.

However I will be starting a new job as a teacher in september and am begining to dread the state of my skin. I really hope I will be able to apply some form of cc cream/foundation at that point otherwise I dont know what I am going to do. I really dont want to stop the regimen as this is the first time I have stuck to something ;/.

Moving on...

SO last week my skin was a dry mess, I didnt feel as if dans moisturiser was doing anything so I bought boots derma care daily moisturiser. I apply this instead with a few drops of jojboa oil I do feel this has deffo helped with the dryness- not that it is totally gone but my skin feels much nicer to touch.

I have just started using a whole finger of BP at night and 3/4 finger in the morning. When I use a whole finger I am finding that it is SO much for my face, as in it wont properly absorb. I dont think theres any way ill be able to up it to two finger lengths simply because it is a LOT of product for my face to absorb?!?!

I had about 6 new break outs a few days ago, all of which were whiteheads. I tried so hard not to pop them but unfortunatley when I get stressed I cant stop myself sad.png. Good news is they went down pretty much over night. At the moment I have about 3 small active pimples on the left side of my face and about 3 small ones on the right side of my face. I do feel there has been a slight improvement.

My jawline has improved a lot in terms of active acne, I just to have some pretty painful ones there but at the moment I only have one active pimple biggrin.png.

On the whole I am happy, and starting to get a bit more confident with leaving my house make up free ( not that I have a choice in this sad.png)

I have posted some pics up.. I tried to get them to be as clear as possible. The phone hides some of the redness. However you can see my face is majorly greasey!! Maybe I put in too much jojoboa oil this morning hmm.. luuuurvly!!

Thanks for reading guys x


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