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1 Month



Soi started the regimine approx July 11 2013. I had did research online & came across YT videos of "the regime" and was pretty skeptical but decided to give it a try. I mean I tried loads of shit on my face anyways what's one more going to hurt? When I first started I had over the counter products that I bought at our local Walmart. Cleanser: neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser (creamy formula) & on the spot BP (cream) by neutrogena and their oil-free moisturizer for combo skin. My acne.org products didn't arrive until about two weeks later. So "officially" on Dans products about 2 1/2 weeks going on 3. My skin is super flaky, dry & irritated. I refuse to wear makeup & have to wash my face 3 times a day due to working out. Recently noticed my skin looks like its tanning way faster than normal so I just purchased a SPF/sunscreen through a brand online called "burnout." Hopefully that will help with protecting my skin since I am out in the sun a lot. This past week my skin broke out again because I decided to scrub the shit out my face with a facial scrubber, I just couldn't take the flakes & two pumps of moisturizer isn't enough to keep my skin moistured through the day. Ill never do that again :( but I did go to my local vitamins shoppe to buy jojoba oil :) and I'm waiting on my kit to semi run out to order the larger one with pumps/oil. Until then ill post pics when I can. I really hope this works....

Talk to you soon

Xoxo alex


Congrats on your progress so far!! :) Jojoba oil will seriously help your dryness and redness. You can also use it to exfoliate if you want, and your skin will have no complaints! Just remain gentle.

I wouldn't suggest cleansing your face three times a day on the Regimen though...are you able to work out in the morning or at night before washing your face? If not, it's been proven (mentioned on this site as well) that sweating doesn't cause acne, so perhaps just splash your face with some water?

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How would I exfoliate my skin with jojoba oil? Like wet my face then use it & cleanse? Right now my skin is just, ughhh.... It hurts :( & I suppose I can wait on cleansing my face AFTER I workout in the morning, I'm just so accustomed to waking up & washing my face ASAP. Guess ill have to switch it up,

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