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Day 5 - Epiduo



I wanted to just copy/paste my forum post here... but apparently you cant do that with mobile.... so don't be shy, click my profile and check that post out.

Since I already described my experience with epiduo, I will now talk about myself a bit. I turn 18 in December, I love Doctor Who and I enjoy collecting yugioh cards with my friend Chris. During the school year, I spend most of my time reading books or doing projects overboard. I like to write but I always get stuck on my stories and never finish them. Doctor Who seriously is most of my life. Last year I'd come home from school and watch 2 or 3 episodes before going to bed if I didn't have homework. My mom is getting remarried right after my graduation, to an amazing man named Dwayne. she's honored me with being her maid of honor and helping her plan the wedding. My best friends Ashley and Cherry. I also have a best friend that no longer goes to school named Casey to. She has a one year old son named Sammy and he is the pride of her life.

But seriously though, Doctor Who is the shit.