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First Week: Day 5



When I woke up this morning I did notice that there were some spots on my face that were slightly red (mostly around my nose and on my chin) so I decided to just cleanse and moisturize instead of using the benzoyl peroxide and making everything much worse. The redness did subside during the day and was barely noticeable so if the extreme redness does occur again I might just continue to do the same thing I did today. When I put the benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer on tonight I did notice it burned for a bit longer than usual but it simmered down eventually and returned to the normal slight stinging I feel sometimes after I use both of them. I'm not quite sure if this stinging is because of the effects benzoyl peroxide can have with your face or if I'm just not completely used to it yet but hopefully it'll go away soon because it's not one of the most pleasant feelings. As for improvements I am happy to say that almost all of the pimples from my unsightly breakout are completely gone and my nose is also becoming increasingly clearer which is absolutely amazing since that is a place where almost all of my blackheads love to chill and ruin my day. Hopefully less effects and more improvements are on their way!

Random side note: I did realize that last time I said "See ya soon"....too bad this is a computer and I can't quite see any of you who do take the time to view this so I feel like "Talk to you later" or something cliche and unoriginal should be used this time. Maybe not. Who knows? I'll figure something out soon. c:


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