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The Regimen; Day 17-21



My internet has been a butt lately, but thankfully my university library isn't far. Today, the focus of my update will be all of the rule's I've totally not followed on DKR plus some things I've noticed since starting the full amount of bp. Okay, so I went into this thinking that I would follow every rule and never deviate from Dan's meticulously specific directions. The fact is- Life happened.

Deviation 1:

I don't think I've ever been as gentle as Dan suggests. I don't scrub, but I do rub. Especially in the clear places where I don't break out (the flakes are just too cumbersome, otherwise). Have I broken out horribly as a direct result of doing this? Who knows. The variable isn't controlled enough for me to answer that question. I have broken out, but there were many other things to consider such as the purge, my period breakout, random chance, etc.

Deviation 2:

I ran out of jojoba oil pretty early on because I was using an almost empty 2oz bottle and started using coconut oil (shocked gasps were heard all around). I know. I could've easily gone to a whole foods store and bought some, but the thing is, I wanted to try out the coconut oil. Now, the real shocker. I have not broken out, my flakes are under control, and that red rash I talked about a few posts back is completely gone (that thing lasted SO long). It's amazing, I love coconut oil. I know that the rash I had developed on my neck is gone because of coconut oil. I say this because I had similar ones on my arms way back in the day and they disappeared shortly after I used coconut oil. So... I'm going to be daring here and say that since studies and some amateur observation on my part say that coconut oil is good for irritation, that it has helped my skin in this situation as well.

Deviation 3:

I did the unthinkable and used my Clarisonic. Since I'm not really scrubbing my face or using an exfoliating cleanser, the flakes usually cause some serious clogging of pores (no, this is not due to the coconut oil because I noticed it way before I started using it). I'm really not sure where the "stuff" is coming from, but my pores and the stuff inside them became pretty visible a little after starting DKR. My chin and nose were the most affected areas and since I've never really broken out on those areas, I used my Clarisonic to clean out the gunk. It actually worked and now I feel my face is clean- and I haven't broken out.

Deviation 4:

I skipped a day. Okay, that was totally accidental. I took a "nap" once around 7pm and it quickly became much more than that. Long story short, I woke up next morning and realized that I'd skipped my night routine. I don't think it made a difference, but I'll try not to do that again.


I understand that in order to instill legitimacy, there must be a certain amount of rigidity. That being said, I also know that subjectivity is such a human trait that every experience is vulnerable to it. I am not in any way suggesting that because I have not suffered because of my deviations from DKR that you will have the same experience. I am simply putting it out there that if you make a mistake or two or tweak your regimen in any way that you're probably not done for.

The Good News!

Other than one pimple on my cheek, my face feels very smooth. Of course I still have hyperpigmentation, but if I close my eyes and ignore that part, I know that the regimen is working. The dryness is pretty much gone, and I can wear concealer now with great results. Also, I started using the full amount of bp two days ago and I swear my skin is reacting totally fine. I don't know if the coconut oil is doing its calming thing, but my skin isn't even red. I am happy :).


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