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A Summer of Tane

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Month 3-8 Summary



Month 3-8 Summary

Dosage: From 40mg - 70mg a day, 60mg/80mg daily alternating.

Weight: 79kg, did hit 80kg for a couple of months but back down to 79kg as of now.

Cumulative dosage: 12000, at least 150mg/kg. Up from my initial prediction of 9600 for 120mg/kg.

Months left: <1, should be done in a couple of weeks.

Other: Self upped my dosage to 60mg due to lack of side effects. My derm had floated the idea early on but never really went to up my dose. I asked her about it and she said I would probably hate the increased side effects, my blood work was coming back okay and I wanted to finish faster so upped it myself to see how I coped and haven't looked back.

Skin Status:

Borderline clear fo the last couple of months, last real pimple was about three weeks ago but I had been getting small codones around once a week prior to that. In the last three weeks I've had one small one in my eyebrow (during my course I've had an increased number in this area) and a couple of clogged pores on my forehead. They were tiny though. So 90% clear for the last couple of months maybe even 95% over the last couple weeks.

Side Effects:

  • Dry Lips
  • Slightly dry facial skin, increased with dosage increase (corners of my mouth are wheres its worse, especially after eating and wiping my mouth)
  • Dry skin rashes on hands/arms if I don't moisturize
  • Multiple nose bleeds
  • Red Face, mostly on cheeks and nose (Still the worse side effect thus far)
  • Slightly moody
  • Blush much easier
  • Somewhat lethargic, never feel as if I've had enough sleep, gotten into the bad habit of taking a nap before dinner.
  • I seem to lose my train of thought a lot easier, I'll go to get something then forget what I wanted and have to retrace my thought process.
  • More achy after exercising.

    Expected Side Effects Haven't Occured:
    • Dry eyes
    • Headaches
    • Appetite
    • All the severe ones


    1. Wash with cetaphil
    2. Pat dry
    3. Moisturize red area with aveeno redness relief
    4. Mix acne.org moisturizer and aveeno redness relief and apply to rest of face
    5. Day only and recently: Apply Eucerin Redness relief on red areas.
    6. Paw Paw ointment on lips at night or Burts Bees during the day. Pawpaw leaves a residue.

    I don't wait very long after drying to apply moisturizer but I try to let the moisturizer dry before applying the Eucerin, at least 15 minutes if I can.

    Random Thoughts:

    [*]Time has kind of flown, feels like yesterday I was seriously torn about taking this drug, even with the increases from how much I thought I'd be taking

    [*]Redness has been the worse side effect and some days I thought it was worse then the acne, it wasnt, really hoping that once I stop it goes away fast, would hate it if I got some kind of Accutane induced rosacea. I personally think my redness increase when I increased my dosage and lessens/worsens depending upon my sleep quality.

    [*]I'm scared of finishing because though I've reached cumulative dose of 150mg/kg I'm not 100% clear like my derm wanted. Excited too cause I'm sick of redface and feel like I've been on this drug for ages. If I have some kind of breakout before I finish I may contemplate doing another month. I also didn't talk about what I'll do after accutane with my derm and by the time I finish she'll probably be on maternity leave.

    [*]If it wasn't for redness I'd just moisturize in the morning and apply chapstick during the day and you wouldn't be able to tell I'm on accutane


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