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MY MOISTURIZER CAME! HUZZAH! I'M SAVED! My face feels so much better, and there's no more flakiness. Thank goodness. :)

That's the only good part. Before you look at these photos, I'm just going to point out that indeed, my face is pretty damaged right now. Yesterday I had SO MANY whiteheads, and I caved and went on a popping spree. I might have even went a little overboard, but the good news is that the swelling is down, and now there are just scabs, which means they're healing! The only issue is that the redness is pretty unsightly.

I really do swear that this is progress from last week. Everything was just underneath, and now stuff is coming back up and getting removed or going away. It needs time to heal, but unfortunately my skin didn't have time to do that before I took pictures of it. So, enjoy.

When my skin gets to heal a bit more I'll post pictures for my half-way point of the Regimen. :D Peace.


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Yes! My week five is looking the same as yours was.. Redness, stuff coming up when I thought maybe it'd all been removed. I'm hoping it's the last push before clear skin!

Lovely cyst-like spot on my jaw though. It was definitely smaller once, maybe I poked it too much and it broke, because it's larger and kind of pushed my face out a bit. I'm hoping it'll go away and it's isolated.

By the way, from your pictures I can kind of see a shinyness to your skin, on your cheeks. On my face, my skin in places I put a lot of bp are pretty leathery, when I smile it looks like I have wrinkles! Does that go away after your skin gets more used to the bp? I've been moisturizing of course and it does seem to help a bit but it's not all gone.

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This is Week 6 for me. ^_^ Although if you count from when I started using Dan's products, it could be around 5. In my pics from the week before, everything was underneath my skin. I'm glad everything's out but it's pretty gross-looking! I definitely hope it's the last push for both you and me!

Do you think the cyst is from the birth control? I've gotten a couple of tiny ones on my jaw, and I know that's a hormonal thing. Mine have gone away pretty much on their own...I can imagine poking at it could make it worse. Those things are so sensitive. Good thing it's isolated! :)

What do you mean by shiny? Do they look oily or leathery, like you mentioned yours were? I've also noticed I've been getting wrinkles!!!! I look like an old woman when I smile! I think it does go away eventually. I've been thinking of using more than 2 pumps of moisturizer, and maybe reapplying during the day. I have noticed that the clear parts of my skin are super smooth though, and I still use BP on them. Who knows.

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It could be. It makes me sick with worry, in case the bcp would make the condition worse. I just keep reminding myself that I did take it only a year and a bit ago and I was perfectly fine.. it will work again this time!

How big are your cysts? I know that this one started as something tiny and hard under my skin, I'm used to those by now. But yesterday when I woke up it was definitely bigger and very hard. Gross. It does kind of look like it's draining though, there's a whitehead on top of it. Maybe it's just a mutant of the other clogged pores that have been surfacing.

Shiny, yeah, like leathery and dry. Like how in the winter, dry skin forms on your body someplace, like your legs.. and how it looks wrinkled and darker than the rest of your skin and shiny. I know it's pretty standard for bp use but it's still annoying.

My skin's really pale and super sensitive to hyperpigmentation so I was hoping to be able to use makeup to cover it (the redness in my skin makes the acne look worse than it actually is.) But the leathery dryness just makes the makeup look terrible.

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Yeah, if your bc has worked in the past then it'll be alright. :) gotta give it the full 3 months!

I used to have cystic acne when I first broke out, but now if I get cysts they're super tiny and go away or turn into whiteheads in a few days. They're not scary like they used to be, an antibiotic fixed that way back when. If you had a lot of little ones surrounding each other they might have made the big one, as gross as that may seem haha. Glad it's draining. :D

Yeah my skin is dry like that. Again, I've been trying to moisturize it more. When it clears it seems to have a better shot at balancing out. My skin is olive-toned actually, you can't tell in the lighting. It's also super-sensitive to hyperpigmentation marks too, though. :( I can use makeup though! That just started working out since a lot of the flaking went down after my skin adjusted to AHA. I use a liquid, and I don't rub it on my face, I just kind of pat it on gently and blend only where necessary and very lightly (I use a light foundation so it doesn't cake if I do this), and it doesn't get flaky this way. I would suggest trying that! I only wear makeup on weekends though because I want my skin to breathe.

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