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First Week Results (Sort Of)



Just a slight introduction about myself and my problems with acne since this is my first post; My name is Jade, I'm 15 years old (turning 16 on the second day of school. whoopie for me. -_- ) Anyways, my acne decided to appear when I was in 6th grade so I had quite an early start. It normally wasn't very bad, just a couple pimples and the areas were only my forehead and chin. Well then the lovely milestone in almost every teenage girl's life came which is very well known as a period. I was slightly lucky and started mine when I was 13 so things only started getting bad then. Unfortunately things went downhill quickly. I got breakouts randomly and almost always around "my time of the month". Now I do find myself quite fortunate with my acne due to the fact that it is only mild and I do not deal with any forms of cystic acne. I started The Regimen for two reasons: the first was because I was really tired of my acne and the second was my acne also began to get increasingly worse since I was constantly outside sweating while working and playing softball.

Now getting to the title the reason why it says "First Week Results (sort of)" is because I have already started The Regimen and didn't plan on making a blog about it but then I got horrible sunburn on my extremely porcelain skin and had to discontinue using it for a couple days until my skin healed. After that I started back up again and had to stop it for the SECOND time because my face got burnt yet again. And now I started it back up Friday and have been continuing. Since I already started it my face is somewhat used to the benzoyl peroxide so I am using the correct amount that is recommended for the first week but I am using it twice instead of once.

As for my results, I saw them right away when I first started The Regimen back in July. What I saw instantly after about 2 days of using it was reduced size in my pores, my pimples were less red, some black heads had disappeared on my nose and forehead and my overall skin complexion looked so much better. I was extremely excited when I saw this since every acne product I had tried before (and trust me, there were A LOT) did almost nothing and then only TWO FREAKING DAYS with this stuff and there were already better results than I've ever experienced. Now on to when I had to stop for both cases of lovely sunburn. My face was so dry and disgusting both times so I just used aloe gel and sometimes my moisturizer to help it heal. Jumping to where I am now I had received a few pimples due to sweating during the night when I was on a youth retreat so I had a very unfortunate breakout and boy was I unhappy. I sort of lost a little hope and patience but when I got back home and started back up those pimples have shrunk and are on their way out the door. I do experience itchiness sometimes along with redness on my chin and around my nose but I guess that's to be expected and I'm just gonna keep swimming and hope those will subside quickly. I also experience slight burning when I apply the benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer but again, that was said to be one of the effects and I'm just dealing with it because I'm all for taking some slight uncomfortableness to get healthy clear skin.

It is currently the third day that I have used The Regimen twice a day and I will try to post almost every day on my results and effects in hopes that I might be able to help some fellow beginners and it'll also help me keep track of improvements. I hope I'll be able to help some of you or even learn some things in the future.

See ya soon.


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