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Day Seven



I probably won't update every day, but I figured I'd use this post to describe my skin since I didn't in my first post! I have super super oily skin, like, I use so many of those oil blotting sheets a day. I haven't noticed a decrease in oiliness yet, but my lips are starting to get chapped. I came prepared though, I have a stash of what my research calls the best chap sticks! I also bought some moisturizer (cetaphil) which I've never really had to use before so it's new to me for my face to feel a bit dry after washing it. I'm not using anything with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it anymore (I use cetaphil face wash), and have begun to use the topicals less and less so my skin doesn't freak out when eventually I don't use them at all.

So far no decrease in pimples, in fact I've gotten a few new ones, but that also might be attributed to what time of the month it is. I took my first progress pictures today and will be uploading them on my next entry, and will be continuing to do so as pictures really do document progress better than anything!


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