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My Road To Clarity



Hello All,

I am really excited to have stumbled on this site and to begin The Regime - For myself I have always had mild to moderate acne but what makes it worse is I am prone to easy scarring. When I was a teenager I never had this. It was only as I hit my late 20s that suddenly things have made a turn for the worst. More acne meant more scars. I am so happy I found this site because the advice is sound counsel that is simple - and I loved reading the blogs of others that are here: Talk about encouraging!

The reason for my worsening acne I attribute to more then just failure to find the most effective topical treatment. Because it has gradually worsened and I believe it is the results of my fretting with finding a 'quick cure' that has irritated my skin way too much. Like most people at first I just bought a wash, then proactive (horrible results), then facials, and then invested expensive products. Some of these things gave me good results for a little bit but then would begin to fail. In the meantime, I began to touch my face more, to wear more makeup to cover breakouts and things just kept getting worse.

It was this weekend that I realized I need to stop beating and picking at my skin and start cherishing and caring for it. This is not just a genetic thing... my whole family has clear skin. However, I also suffer from many allergies that my other family does not- which means more touching and irritating of the skin. So I am attacking this with a dedicated desire to see changes... And believe it or not- I already have... here is what I have done:

First off I really read up on The Regime.. viewed videos and read other's blogs. I loved the fact that you can start with the things you have at home. AND that it is only three steps! I can't tell you how confusing some of these companies become with so many skin care options!!! Also I became mindful of the fact that when I normally would wash my face I would scrub the heck out of it. So My mind set it 'gentle'.

In addition, I added gentle natural masks that I will be using regularly: (this is really great for cystic acne!!!) on Saturday evening I heated water and mixed in some seas salt. Soaked a clean wash cloth in this and then put the whole towel on my face for about 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, I gentle rinsed, patted dry, and with the other hot water left in my pot (without salt) I added 4 black tea bags, after a few minutes I took these out and placed them on the areas where the cyst were for about 5 to 10 minutes- Works like a charm!! TRUST ME. I will also be doing a honey mask later this week.

I did break down and by The Regime because I couldn't find the BP that isn't concentrated. And then when I began to compare the price of acne.org vs. so many others that I have purchased. I decided, why not? But in the meantime I am using the stuff I have at home.

PLUS, I am really increasing my water intake and decreasing my sugar intake. (Thanks to so much of your blogs that helped me asses what I have done in the past and how I should bring it all together). Cleaner eating as well as regular Yoga is something that I am adding to my daily life. And being mindful of my hands!!! haha, I can't tell you how much, without knowing it, I touch my face - now I am noticing it because I am focused on it!

This morning, I woke up to skin that has already drastically calmed down. And because I am attacking this at different angles - I feel

confident/hopeful that I will have success. I am sure reading this seems like a lot - and it is... But after years of wanting change and attempting it through 'quick cures' - I've re-realized and confirmed that change takes effort, dedication, and patience. And not to mention: more water, yoga, healthy eating = all helps in overall health and fitness. Our skin is said to be our biggest organ- so we have to work on the internal things when attempting to break the cycle of acne. So I am hoping all to have success and I will post my progress. rolleyes.gif


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