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Day Six

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So, this is a late first post, starting on day six and all. I am taking 40mg once per day. Nonetheless, hello anyone who wants to follow me on this journey as well! Today is day six on accutane, and I don't really notice any differences in my skin at all. I know I was supposed to stop using my topicals that I was using before while on it, but until I notice any differences I'm going to keep using them or else my skin will break out like crazy. Last time I was off of them my acne got so bad which is what I can attribute all these lovely scars to.

I'm not sure how personal I want this blog to get yet, but I am interested in also following other blogs of people that are on accutane, so if you are too please comment and I will follow your blog! I don't want to be in this alone! smile.png

I'll also be uploading progress photos as soon as I get the hang of this, I'm just hoping accutane will be the one thing that will actually work! I'm so so so sick of trying a million different things and spending hundreds of dollars on the next thing that will supposedly help.

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Hey! I am also on 40mg per day. I'm on Day 12. So far, my face hasn't been dry, just a bit less oily. My hands, body, and hair have been dry though, but I bought a few products that help a lot! Let me know how it goes for you and follow my blog to see what's up with my progress! :)

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I followed your blog, can't wait to see your progress!! :) What products did you buy to help it?

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No blog but I do have a log going. I wouldn't worry too much about using the topicals unless your skin starts to react negatively to it. You should ween yourself off of them though because one of the best parts about this drug is getting to the point where you only need to do a basic routine (wash&moisturize) twice a day and you're good to go. I hope it happens for you quickly, good luck with everything.

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