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Day 18



I have wanted to blog about my experience with the regimen for quite some time now, but have not dared to post anything yet as English is not my first language. I am now in my third week and in desperate need to talk about how I have experienced the regimen so far as I have reached the point where I am starting to doubt if I should continue or not. Hopefully this blog will help me stay motivated and not give up.

I'm 21 and have been struggling with acne for 10 years now. Nothing I have tried so far has helped, so I really hope this regimen will be 'it'. This is how I have been experiencing the regimen so far:

Week 1

I started out with the recommended amount of BP once a day (+ Dan's Cleanser, Moisturizer and 6 drops of jojoba oil). In the first week I did not experience any dryness, irritation or redness (I started getting a little red on day 6 and 7). My face cleared up so much in just a few days, I could hardly believe it!

Week 2

After increasing the amount of BP and now applying it twice a day, my face started to get really red and dry. For every day I applied the regimen, my face would sting more and more. It was mostly around my mouth/chin, anywhere else was fine. This was also where I got really dry. It looked awful before I had applied my 2 pumps of Dan's moisturizer. Around day 10-11 my face looked extremely red. It looked like I had gotten a really bad sunburn. I was as red as a tomato (Yes, I really was). My skin is normally very pale, and because you could see where I had not applied BP on my face (around my eyes), the pale skin made the red skin look even more red. I was also not loving the moisturizer. It left my face looking more red mixed with a yellow tone and VERY greasy. I normally have a dry, sensitive skin so this was something I had not experienced before. It would stay like this the entire day. After 10-12 hours it was still greasy, with only the dryest parts of my face starting to show "through" the moisturizer. I eventually decided to reduce the amount of BP I'm using to see if that would help my skin a little before upping the dose at week 3. I did feel this helped reduce the redness of my face a little, but it still looked sunburned. Around day 12-14 my face started to itch a little.

Week 3

I am now in my third week and it's the worst one so far. Most of my face is now very dry and flaky. It does not feel like the moisturizer + jojoba oil is working at all, just making my face look really greasy. On day 15 I started applying the BP around my mouth and chin first (I used to start with my forehead) so that it would have a little more time to dry before applying the moisturizer. It seemed to work because it did not sting as much when I tried to apply the moisturizer afterwards. I have not gotten a lot of new pimples/whiteheads, however, I did get a large bump on my chin and another on my left cheek. They are both skin coloured, but the one on my cheek is a bit more "shiny"-looking. The bump on my chin has started to fade away now, though. Yesterday I decided to try a different moisturizer in the morning because Dan's moisturizer is just too greasy for my skin and is really not helping my dry, very flaky skin. Lately I have gotten a few disgusted/unpleasant looks from some customers at my job because of the way the skin on my face looks like at the moment, and the last thing I need right now is to feel worse about myself. I still had some Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream left, so I decided to try that mixed with some jojoba oil drops. It did not leave my face as greasy as Dan's Moisturizer and I also noticed my skin got less dry and flaky, however, this morning when I applied it again (I use Dan's before I go to bed), my face got REALLY greasy. Much more than Dan's, so I'll probably use it as a night cream from now on and stick to Dan's in the mornings until I find something that works better for me.

I never thought I would say this, but I actually miss the way my skin was before I started the regimen. It is probably because I'm used to that than this new, flaky, red and extremely greasy skin. I just hope it starts to get better soon. Right now I just feel really dirty and want to hide. I don't feel very confident at all and I'm worried I'll end up going through all of this stuff only to find out that regimen did not work for me. I hope it gets better, I really do. I don't know what to do if it doesn't. Please, please get better soon and please work for my skin.


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