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Giving Up



My acne has turned into cysts. All I can say is I'm done. I'm done spending so much money and time trying to keep my skin clear. No more being nice to it, when I get nothing nice back. It's the caveman method from here on out because I'm done. I'm through.


You have to give birth control at least one month or a bit more to get regulated. Maybe it's just not the right type for your body and hormones. I would seriously recommend talking with your derm!!

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If you go caveman, you will get so much worse. Try an antibiotic like amoxicillin or cephalexin, combine that with some form of benzoyl peroxide...either benzaclin, duac or plain benzoyl peroxide and add a retinoid like tretinoin or differin. Do this for the rest of your life and acne will be a faint memory. All caveman does is allow bacteria to grow and multiply unchecked. Since your acne has gone cystic, it is vitally important that you see your dermatologist and get on an antibiotic. Your risk serious scarring if you don't. Good luck!

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Very sorry to hear of your struggle. My advice to you would be to not hesitate and take isotretinoin as soon as you can. Cysts will leave you scarred and will do you more damage in the long term. Please research the treatment yourself and make your own informed decision, ask questions to others on this site regarding what you can expect, what dosage route to take etc with the treatment. There are many here, including myself, who have been through years, even decades of hell due to this disease with the only effective remission being from isotretinoin - take advantage of ppl's experiences here and never give up. You're not alone! There are lots of good people on this site!

Please feel free to browse my profile for my 'journey' or drop me a message if you have any queries or if I can help you in any way.

Keep your chin up.

All the best


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