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Scalp Itching? Skin Flaking? Products That Help On Accutane!


I have been taking 40mg of Accutane (one pill) per day. Tomorrow will be Day 10. I have experienced a bit of dryness so far in my hair and scalp, lips, eyes, and face. I watched about 30 Accutane diary videos, have read more than 50 Accutane blogs, and have spoken with my dermatologist about products to use while on Accutane to combat the side effects--especially dryness. So if your scalp is itching like crazy and you're sitting next to a tube of chapstick, don't worry. Just read this post.


For lip dryness, the answer is Aquaphor. Unlike chapsticks and lip balms, Aquaphor actually replenishes the moisture in your lips and heals them at the same time. It is a bit thick and slightly shiny, but if you apply a little bit at a time, it does wonders for your lips! I apply Aquaphor all day long--probably 5 or 6 times. But, it's not a hassle because I try to remember to always have it with me. If not, I usually have a chapstick to tide me over until I can get back to wherever my Aquaphor is sitting!


So far, I haven't had too much face dryness, but I think it's because I've been very proactive about moisturizing my face. I cleanse my face with CeraVe moisturizing cleanser and then moisturize with CeraVe moisturizing lotion. Sometimes, I apply enough moisturizer so that my face is quenched, and then later I add just a little bit more, especially under my eyes and on my eyelids. There is also a VERY thick CeraVe moisturizing cream you can buy in a big tub and that is supposed to be great for ultra- dry skin.


Holy cow. If you're on Accutane, you probably know how dry your scalp and hair can get within a few days. To get rid of the dandruff and itchy scalp, I use Head and Shoulders Two-In-One Shampoo and Conditioner. I massage a quarter size into my scalp and hair and then rinse it out. I sometimes follow with a tiny bit of my regular shampoo, and then rinse that out. Then, I work Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Conditioning Treatment into the last 3 inches of my hair and a bit on the line of my scalp and the roots around it. Leave it in for 3 minutes, and your hair will be soft and moisturized!


My body is pretty sensitive to lotions, so the only lotion I have found that doesn't make my skin breakout is Jergen's Ultra Healing Body Lotion. It's recommended by dermatologists and is free of all dyes and perfumes.


I haven't had too much eye dryness during the day, just in the morning and at night. I use ReNu moisturizing eye drops for contacts and they work wonderfully.

I hope these recommendations help! Let me know if you have any questions! smile.png

Also, if anyone has a moisturizing hand cream that I can try, please comment below!


Thanks! Me too! :) Now I just wish I could find something that clears up zits while on Accutane but doesn't dry out skin!

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I've been on Accutance for almost 6 months and I just started having an itchy scalp. No fun! I'll try your recommendation though!

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Ya definitely try out head and shoulders. I'm on accutane again (was only on it for 3 months the first time) and my scalp got dry after 1 week in. I've been using head and shoulders for dry scalp shampoo (with a blue top) and head and shoulders conditioner (there's one that has pink flowers on the bottle and it smells sooo good). I still use Aussie 3 Minute miracle on the ends of my hair and let it soak in after using conditioner. Try putting just a dab of conditioner on your finger and across your scalp line.

I'd recommend only washing your hair every 2-3 days to cut down on dryness. You lose a lot of oil when going on accutane and your body can only do so much without the oil--so too much hair washing and hot water hurts more than it helps.

Good luck! :)

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