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Day 10



Whoa....I am dry. I woke up this morning and my whole chin pretty much peeled off. I have these intense itches that are insane and last for minutes at a time. I was ready to itch my scalp and forehead off yesterday. I have been putting stuff on my lips non stop and am to the point I may have to do the same on my face. My make-up is not looking too pretty. Also, my nose feels like it is constantly on the verge of bleeding. Just really dry with the same acne on my face and a few new ones in places I have never got them before....back of arms and shoulder blades. So far, so good!!! Just a dryness I have not experienced before. I am still saying this is worth it!!!!rolleyes.gif


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happy u r dry,i am on day 5,my face is so oily. have some new pimples. when will i see some positive results?

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I am going on month 2 and my face looks a lot worse than when I started. My chin and left cheek is very bumpy and a big pimple just popped out on my forehead. I did not really see new pimples until the end of month one so hopefully because you started earlier, yours will end earlier as well!!! Best of luck to you miawmiaw.

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