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I'm worried about my face. I'm pretty sure it's irrational, but it's scary to see my acne change almost half-way through the Regimen. It doesn't look as unsightly now, but my skin is SO flaky and red, and these bumps under my face have a pretty smooth, shiny texture, and it's hard to see the pores around them...might be cystic? I have no idea. I want to blame the birth control, but I'm scared to because I have to wait 3 months to see if it'll help or not. Woo.

I could be overreacting, though. The fact that my skin isn't exploding in whiteheads every day is pretty fantastic. I'm pretty sure it's adjusting to everything. I also just started AHA, which could be digging super deep stuff out. I need to chill.

On the bright side, I'm using Eucerin repair creme as a temporary moisturizer, and that's going well. ^_^

I'll just have to wait this out and see what happens.


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My skin's the same way right now! There are strange shiny and hard feeling bumps in places, they're worrying me that they'll stay for a long time.

I was bad and strayed a bit from the strict regimen. I started when I realised my skin had gotten to the worst point it'd ever been (I had massive cyst-like clogged up pores around my mouth and jaw from using ocm and) That was four weeks ago and because I was really desperate I ordered an "acne-system set" from Paula's Choice. Anyway, I came back from holidays and started using the kit. One of the things in it is this exfoliating toner with SA 2%. I've used it a few times and it's not drying it seems, but it does definitely "pull up" things from clogged pores. Since you started AHA recently, maybe that's what's causing it?

I'm going to have to do so much damage repair after all these get unclogged and healed up, my skin is very very red in that area, lovely for someone with quite pale skin. :(

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Hmm that's a really good point, it could be my skin getting used to the AHA. When I first got acne, it was cystic, there might have been some stuff that just never surfaced, who knows? The only reason I'm kind of skeptical about that explanation is that most of them aren't surfacing, they just kind of disappear after a few days. So weird. That's why I think it might also be the birth control adjusting. Although the AHA definitely brought up some old stuff last week!

Sorry the oil cleansing method didn't work out for you. :( Is the set working now? You could always do the Regimen! :D it's the best thing I've tried.

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I'm basically on the regimen, but I use the PC benzoyl peroxide. I strayed a bit last week in using the toner, hoping it would speed up the progress. I think actually it did, but since it drew more stuff to the surface, it just made my face look worse.

I recently started to up my bp and my skin is so red and hot feeling right now :/ I'd love to be able to use AHA because I've got some pretty horrible red marks (ironically, I was trying to lessen these with rosehip oil which caused so much more damage, argh!) but I'm a bit afraid I'd do more damage since it's so sensitive now.

Since my acne isn't something that is ongoing.. by which I mean I know exactly what caused it (crazy oil overload) and it's not an internal thing, I'm thinking about going back down to a lower amount of BP, but I'm worried this idea backfires. :S I'd really like to have skin that I can cover with makeup by the time classes start back in a month, but the bp makes it so difficult!

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Ah okay. Yeah wearing makeup is hard...There was a point when my makeup would just make my skin look scaly and gross, and there was basically no point to it. It just started looking a little smoother recently, so we'll see if that continues!

I know the side effects of BP are the worst. sad.png But I would suggest just sticking to the Regimen, since otherwise you won't know if it worked for you or not! Toner can help but with all the BP you're using, it might just be an extra irritant to your skin. AHA is a much better option, but maybe let your skin adjust again before getting it. I love AHA because it's a great spot treatment, it gets rid of flakes, and it exfoliates your skin! Woo! biggrin.png

If you just have clogged pores, the Regimen will probably work faster for you. Just hang in there, follow it as precisely as you can, and it'll clear up. smile.png Jojoba also soothes your skin. If you really feel like your skin is having a bad reaction though, definitely use less BP for a week or so and see what happens. Patience is seriously the key here. The Regimen is something you commit to both physically and mentally...I feel impatient so often and want to deviate as well, but I just have to remind myself that it'll work out better in the long run if I don't! I'm sorry you're struggling, I know how frustrating it all is.

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Yes, I'm going to stick with it! I know 4th and 5th week can be the worst so, I just need to persevere. But I think I'll cut back the bp, maybe skip tonight and use much less tomorrow morning. I look like I had a chemical peel!

I remember last week thinking my skin was looking better. Let's hope next week by this time I'll be back there again! :P Thanks for your message, it's comforting. :)

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