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My Acne History And First Update



Hi all,

I have never documented my acne journey online, so this is the first time I have done something.

I have suffered from acne for a very long time, it started when I was in primary school probably towards the later years and I am still suffering from it. I have had it for over 10 years.

I have tried a LOT of medications, topical and antibiotics from the doctors. I was then sent to a derm, who again prescribed me many things. I cant even remember half of the stuff but I have been on a LOT.

Some things offered me short term relief but it never completley went away. I suffered from a great deal of issues with regards to my confidence. I hated people looking at my face or coming any where near me. I couldnt allow people to look a tmy skin without me having make up on. I know a lot fo you have been through this.

I came to a point in my life where I no longer feel depressed over it, it has become a part of my llife that I am learning to deal with.

Anyway, when I saw the derm last which was about 2 years ago, she said she was not going to prescribe me any more medication as I had been on so many, and said she would make me an appointment with the derm at the hospital to dscuss accutane.

I had done a lot of research on accutane, and honestly the reviews and side effects really freaked me out.

When I went to the appointment at the hospital the derm was not very caring or friendly, and honestly didnt seem bothered and htis also scared me a little.

Accutane has and will always be at the back of my mind. At the moment I am going through a rough stage in my life and do not think I am emotionally ready for such a drug. Perhaps in the future I may try it to see if it has any effect.

After doing a lot of research I decided to purchase the acne.org regimen. I have used Bp in the past through prescriptions but thought I would give this a try.

I have only been on it a week and am aware this is early days, however I wanted to put up weekly pictures to document my journey. Im hoping this will motivate me to continue with this regimen.

I want to give some initial thoughts on some of the products..

Acne.org cleanser- im enjoying using this, it is very gentle and foamy. It has not been irritating my skin at all.

Treatment- the first few days I had not noticed much difference to my skin. I started using a small amount as directed by the youtube videos on this. I only applied this at night. After a few days I felt that my skin was ok with it so decided to up it slightly and apply it morning and night. My skin started to dry out crazily and has gone red and itchy as if I had a rash. I think I may have upped the dosage too soon. I have gone back to using a small amount just at night. I will continue this for a few days then use it morning and night.

I think I'm going to have to up the dosage very slowly.

moisuriser- I dont feel as if this is helping with the dryness. I put a pump onto my face, have been putting drops of jojoba oil into it too. I massage it into my face and it just feels like I have a shiny film on my face the whole day. I have not been applying make up, on the occasion I use a CC cream to combat the redness if I am going out but my skin feels so horrid and greasey. I have ordered a new one from boots and am going to see if I have a better time with this.

Anyway, I am going to upload some pictures, the photos labelled weeks one were taken on the first day I started this regimen. I appreciate my acne is not the worst and I have seen a lot worse. I have a lot of scarring due to the amount of years I have suffered from this. The second picture was taken today, exactly a week after I took the first set.

If you have any comments or advice please let me know.

Have others been experiencing the same issues with this moisturiser?

Thank you for reading my story.



I'm not wearing make up in the second pictures. the lighting in my house isnt amazing and the pictures seem to be blurring the redness. I look like a tomatoe at the moment!! xx

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