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The Regimen; Day 15-16



Since last I wrote, I let you guys know that I started using about half a finger's length more of benzyol peroxide than usual, so I am using 3/4 of the ideal amount, which would be two finger's length. *I guess I was never really precise in describing what "a finger's length actually means", so here goes. I ordered the 8oz treatment so it doesn't come with the pump. Those of you that have the pump know that the amount you're working up to is two pumps. I sort of very freely assumed that the amount used to cover two fingers would be the equivalent of two pumps (that assumption is most very likely flawed). Of course I realize that the differences between finger lengths between individuals and the fingers themselves must be taken into account and that this crude measurement system may not work for everyone. Just for reference, the length of my fingers are as follows: Index finger, 6.6cm or 2.6in; Middle finger, 7.7cm or 3in. Let's just say that this form of monitoring the amount of bp you'll be applying is supremely personalized. Unless you end up buying the treatment version that comes with the pump dispenser. In that case, the measurements will be legit and much simpler.

So now that that's cleared up, I can explain how this small increase affected my skin. The redness is back, my friends. I had not commented on this fact before, but every time, since I began using the products, right after I applied the moisturizer, my skin would sting. I've been dismissing it as normal, and rationalized it by assuming that it was caused by some sort of reaction between the bp and the moisturizer. Note that I always allow each layer to dry completely and I am strict on this matter, so I'm confused as to what is the cause. I had also assumed that the redness was caused by that irritation. Anywho. Before adding the extra half-pump*, my skin had been rid of the redness for about a week- It was just dry. Today, the morning after applying more bp, I woke up with a red face. I know that my skin will adjust in the next couple of days but I just wanted to comment on these happenings to relay the importance of allowing time for adjustment. If you have something coming up (like the beginning of the new school year), this allowance of time will prevent you from going through an I-want-to-skip-class period.

I know that all the blogs on this site are from very personal experiences and that we can never give someone a precise idea of what they themselves can experience on DKR, but as always, the hope is that someone out there will benefit from our observations. Good luck to all of you! :)


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Thank you for this post... I am still waiting for my package to get here but I am so curious with how to measure and start out with the BP ... Glad I came across your post. It was food for thought :)

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Awesome! I am glad you decided to do try The Regimen. I believe that it's a good idea to invest in. I hope your package arrives soon (some people have complained about the waiting time, but mine came relatively fast). And I'm glad you liked my post! :)

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