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Day 37: Battle For Smoothness

The battles are waging on. I'm going to use the last of my moisturizer today, and then get a replacement one (Eucerin, most likely), because I'm pretty sure the new one won't be here until next week, and I can't survive that long. Always good to have a backup moisturizer, anyway!

I've been speculating the state of my skin lately, and I guess it's doing fairly well! There's maybe one whitehead, but still 5-6 bumps underneath. They've decreased in size, thankfully. The problem I'm having is that I just can't understand where they're coming from. Is my acne supposed to be going under my face? Or is this just the last of it coming out?

Then, I remembered something: I have no idea what, though. I feel like I've been through this before. I can remember feeling these bumps under my face that would disappear, and thinking, "What's going on here?"

I THINK IT'S THE BIRTH CONTROL. I vaguely remember this happening with my first birth control. I think my skin is getting used to the hormones. But honestly, I have no idea. Could be the onset of severe cystic acne. How should I know.

Going with the flow here, as usual. The key thing is that whatever these things are, they're diminishing. It's just unsettling that they're there.


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