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Acne Really Sucks



Had a bad day today. For the past two weeks it looked like my acne was clearing up, but now I am not so sure. My scars won't go away which means the acne will probably flare up again in the same spot. I really want this skin problem to just go away. I'm tired of it hurting my self esteem. I wish my boyfriend could brag about what a beautiful girlfriend he has, but with skin like mine, it just isn't possible right now. I really need some hope sad.png


take a deep breath... we all have bad days some more than others.

With any treatment is usually takes a couple of months some people are lucky and it starts straight away. The key is trying to be patient and positive as hard as it may seem.

Acne is something that really causes a lot of emotional pain for people. Its hard to explain but its good you blog about and release your frustrations.

Regardless of your current skin condition it doesn't define ones beauty. You have a boyfriend so he must be with you because he finds you attractive inside and out, so don't put your self down too much. I think many guys based on your profile pic would be very lucky to have you in their life.

Keep your head up and just ride out the bad's because it won't last forever as after every dark night is a bright day :)


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Ditto on Jay. Keep searching for a cure for yourself. It took me many years before I found the right combination of medications that stopped my breakouts. I had low self-esteem for years and even now I have some scars. See your dermatologist and ask for a comprehensive regimen. I take antibiotics, use tretinoin and benzaclin and antibacterial soap. If you haven't tried amoxicillin give it a try, it might work for you. Peace!

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i understand where you are coming from, and i hate it! i am known as the one with bad skin and has acne all over. when you hear thats how people know you as, really does SUCK!!!! i have been on the regimen for almost 2 months and yes it has helped but now i am having some major issues, and this regimen says DONT PICK AT YOUR FACE, which is very very very VERY hard cause when they are so tender and ready to pop what do you do!!!!????? if i leave them alone they turn into cystic pimples and then they become painful when i could of just stopped it from the moment they were ready to pop! im torn and i dont know what to do exactly anymore cause i feel like im losing hope again! i wear bike full face helmets and when my face looks the way it does and my make up rubs off its so heartbreaking to be in public when all you see is people focusing on your acne!!

whatever you find out please let me know. im to the point that i am willing to try just about anything, i use the regimen as directed and very sensitive but still i have literally have 8 pimples, 3 on my left cheek, 1 above my left side of my lip, 1 on the right side of my lip almost cheek area, 1 on my forehead and 1 chin area and 1 jaw area..... its horrible and my makeup can hide so much...

please whatever you find out or hear i am all ears and ready to take any good advice.. could it may be my diet???

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It might just be hormones. Lately, I've been doing the Regimen and I started on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo. As much as my initial break out sucks right now, I do think it is helping. Maybe you could start on a contraceptive? That may help because it targets the internal cause of acne instead of treating it only externally.

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