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Accutane & Thyroids



Hey guys!

So I just came back from my derm and apparently their was a fluctuation in my thyroids results from my blood tests. The one I took July 16 showed that my thyroid levels were normal (1.82), but the one i took yesterday showed that my thyroid levels had gone extremely up (5.83). My derm said it was very bizarre for my levels to have changed so rapidly, because normally any thyroid changes would occur over many years, not weeks. So he said it might have been a fluke by the blood lab. He also said its best not to start accutane until we know that I don't have a thyroid issue. He gave me another blood test to take in 2-3 weeks and if that comes out normal then I can start the tane. He said if I wanted to I could still start the Accutane prescription, but it might alter my blood tests. I was just wondering if anyone knew what would happen if I did start the Accutane right away and still take the blood test 2-3 weeks later? Please leave any advice you can. It would be greatly appreciated.


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