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Ending 2Nd Month



I started to write this entry, then accidentally hit the back button on the browser and it was totally lost!!! :( Not cool.

Well, I'm ending month two on Accutane and let me tell you, month two was horrible! In my last entry, I noted I had been bumped up from 40mg once a day to 30mg twice a day. About a week after the new dosage, I broke out so bad!!! My forehead, chin and jawline were, and still are, covered! This is very disappointing after the great results I had in month one. I had my dermatology appointment today and the doctor reassured me that this does happen on occasion, then proceeded to give me two options; either stick it out and wait for the breakout to go away, or put me on an antibiotic while still on Accutane. I chose to just stick it out, the thought of taking another pill was not appealing to me!

Other than the bad breakout, I'm also experiencing horrible joint pain! Every time I get up it's like "oooohhh", I feel like an old woman! My joint pain is mostly in my low back, hip flexors and neck. I fear it will only get worse with this higher dosage. But hey, at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Only a few more months of this :)

Along with the joint pain, I have dry skin, hair, lips and eyes! For the lips, still using Blistex Moisture Melt which works magically. For skin, just moisturizing twice a day, especially on my face (which I use Cetaphil for). Hair, I use Head and Shoulders, also works well. As far as my eyes, I haven't quite figured that out yet. This is a new one for me. I wear contacts so I guess I just need to find some really great drops.

Lastly, I've still been soooo tired. I don't know for sure if I can attribute this to Accutane, but it truly didn't seem to start until I began taking it. Who knows, that's just what I'm thinking.

That's all for now. Hope for me that this stuff clears up soon!!!


You should have taken the anti-biotic because it works. Who cares if it's a pill, a cream or what? I know I sound testy but I just think people should take their doctor's advice since they are trained professionals. Best of luck whatever you decide.

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How's the breakout??? I'm starting my course of 5/6 months this week. I'm so excited! Was on once bf in 2009 but don't remember much bc I blocked it out. Ha. It was a miracle for me though and cleared me totally up. Then I had kids!!! And hormones went nuts. R u on pill?? If so which one. Trying to decide what bc to commit to

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The breakout is getting better. Just taking forever to heal. Thanks for asking:) I'm not on the pill though so no advice there, sorry.

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