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I just need to say, WOW, my skin was flaky yesterday. I have no idea what happened. I washed my face and flakes came off on my towel! I could've peeled so much of my face off. It was weird, but I suppose it's better to let some layers shed and keep my skin as fresh as possible. Gotta get all of the rest of that buried acne out of there!

Speaking of such, I'm very irked by a cluster of bumps under my skin on my problem cheek. The other side of my face is SO much clearer, what's going on with this one? It could be because I sleep on that side, it could be the way I part my hair, it could be deep acne from popping last week, it could be the new birth control, it could be anything. The problem is, I have no idea what, but it's either coming out or reducing anyway, so whatever. There are also some similar bumps on my forehead, but they're not red. This might be a birth control situation. Not sure. When I was younger I would get unnoticeable bumps (unless you felt them) under my skin that never surfaced. No idea what those were.

Besides those complaints, however, things are looking pretty good. The difference between Week 3 and Week 5 is immense. I can finally see some improvement in my progress photos! biggrin.png Yay!

That's all. Enjoy looking at my face. If anyone knows what is going on with that army of bumps, let me know. Thanks!

P.S. One important thing I forgot to mention, I'm running out of moisturizer. It should get here by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I'm compensating with more jojoba.


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An antibiotic is what you need to clear all those "bumps". What you have is cystic acne and bp barely touches it. Even if you did a short course of cephalexin or amoxicillin, you could prevent so much scarring. Do you see a dermatologist? If not I recommend you see one.

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