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Week 6 Ish




So that is me half way through week 6 since I started Dianette and 5 1/2 weeks since I started Differin use every night. In the last week I have still had my up and down moments. However since last Saturday I noticed that the texture and feel of my skin on my left cheek (which is my worst) is a lot smoother, even putting moisturiser on it feels a lot better now. The old marks are fading quite quickly and right now the only active I have on that cheek is from this residual cyst that I have had for months, I can feel it under my skin and it goes down (but I can still feel it) and sometimes gets inflamed again. It doesn't look too bad the now, I'm hoping once the rest of skin calms down that it will eventually budge in time, it doesn't bother me when it isn't inflamed, but would just rather it was gone. Because the rest of my skin is calming down and my marks are fading, even with the cysts it still looks better than it did and seem easier to cover with makeup. Last week my chin was still bothering me a bit, the under the skin bumps were less, but some were still getting inflamed, I had one inflamed white head at the end of last week and now that it is drying up and going away I can say my chin is the smoothest and looks the best it has for months, even the redness seems to be dying down. My forehead continues to be clear and with a bit of tlc is looking a lot better, less red and aggravated.

I had a dermatologist appointment booked for tomorrow night, as a couple of weeks ago I felt things weren't working out, but I have cancelled it now (gone private so can get one quite short notice if I need it) and have committed to the three months on this regimen, so I have a wee while to go, but I see progress, it is like two steps forwards, one step back but in the end I am still moving forward. On my one week break from Dianette and was worried about a break out, fingers crossed it has been ok so far. Start again on Thursday, again not sure if it is the differin or dianette, but I really hope my progress continues. I've also noticed I am less oily, and have tried to reduce my blotting to a few times a day. Still doing the aztec clay mask two times a week. I bought some new makeup, Revlon Colour stay concealer in Light and Jane Iredale pressed base mineral powder in warm silk...both seem to be working out well and make me look less chalk white that the other makeup I was using. I also changed my blotting sheets to Jane Iredale, the are expensive but are natural flaxseed so no junk in them like the superdrug ones I was using. Overall with my makeup on I now feel more comfortable and confident than I have in a while. I have also been working on my overall mental health as acne really does make you feel rubbish about yourself, so maybe that is helping too. I'm not ashamed to say that I also take and antidepressant once a day, I was in a really low place a few months ago, and I now feel much more positive about things, there is no shame in getting some help in that department. Oh still taking two spoonfuls of cod liver oil as well probably been about for about the same length of time as this regimen. Just thought I'd mention it as it could be making a difference.

I've not included this yet but my regimen is


Wash with Clean and Clear soap free cleanser

Moisturise with Olay day fluid SPF 15 or Avene Light Day Moisturiser SPF 20 ( I like this as it is a bit more matte for my oily skin)

Make up, Revlon Colour stay concealer and then Jane Iredale pressed base mineral powder, some bronzer and a bit of blush


Cleanser make up with kleenex sensitive face wipe (only on areas where I have most make up on)

Wash with Clean and Clear soap free cleanser

Wait 30 min apply Differin (Just over a pea size) all over face

Sometimes if I have a big sore spot, I apply a tiny bit if DUAC to it...but try to limit this as much as I can only if it is a really angry spot

Every few nights I do clay mask after I was my face and then apply my differin (slightly less) skin can be a bit red an dry the next day but in the days following it really evens out and I think it is helping.

Hope thinks keep looking up but if they don't I need to try and stay positive, atleast until my 3 months are up. I told myself as long as things don't get worse than when I started I will commit to the 3 months.

Hope you are all doing well.



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