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Week #2



The right side of my face has completely cleared up! I still have two teensy tinsy scars but those don't bother me. The left side of my face is not completely clear yet but it is a lot better than it was. At least it isn't red anymore. But I have a collection of four pimples right next to each other on my left jawline. They aren't huge or anything and they really don't hurt but it looks kind of odd since the rest of my face is clear. Anyway, I fixed the dry skin problem pretty fast. I've been using Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream as well as Palmer's Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E. It worked wonders. My dry skin went away in about 2-3 days. Anyway, I'm really worried because the contraceptive I'm taking is really expensive and I don't know if I can afford it every month. I need to find an alternative which is really unfortunate because I really feel like this pill made a difference in my skin.


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