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I know I said I wouldn't clump my weekend into one mega-post anymore, but I did. I should really bring my computer with me from now on. Anyway, I'm just going to summarize:

When I woke up Saturday morning (Day 32), I noticed that my skin was going to break out. Sadness. However, the important part about this was that I noticed I was breaking out in the same areas that were popped last week. I realized I have to stop squeezing whiteheads. Some people's skin can handle it, but mine can't. It just re-explodes. So, this time, I let them be, and the next day (Day 33) the breakout had diminished by about 80%! WOOHOO! Although, this was a little strange, because the biggest mistake of this weekend was that I missed a night of The Regimen.

I was out with friends Saturday night, and was too embarrassed to take off my makeup and do The Regimen before we crashed. :( I really shouldn't care, but sometimes I let my skin control my self-esteem. So, I slept in my makeup. Ouch. There might have been a small breakout on my forehead, but it wasn't anything major. Also, I managed to get up before everyone and do The Regimen in the morning. Phew. Seems like one night isn't that big of a deal, and maybe my skin was a bit thankful. My face was EXTREMELY dry, though. I couldn't wear makeup without it caking or flaking this weekend. I was pretty disappointed about that. My search for a better foundation will continue.

So, Sunday night, I returned to my strict use of The Regimen, with continually pleasing results. :D I also used only AHA after the BP so that my skin could shed some of the flakes it accumulated this weekend, and hopefully the rest of the growing bumps from previous pimples. Today (Day 34) I noticed more improvement, and not popping is definitely the way to go for me. If I don't want my breakouts to come back, I should just let them heal on their own, and not spread the infection.

Another thing I didn't consider is that I'm about a week into Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, and I've read about an initial breakout from the new hormones. Could've been that as well! Who knows. The good part is, I'm hanging in there, and hopefully I can stop breaking out weekly. That seems to be the pattern for now, but at least it's healing faster.


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