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Day 5



I am on day five and all I have noticed is dry lips, my eyes were dried out one day and one new pimple on my left cheek. All of my other cysts are still here, nothing has really healed. I am sure it is just too early for that. Does anybody know when I should be expecting the "big break out"?


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I got mine in the third week but it wasn't too too bad. It been slow but steady improvement since then. I'm now in my eleventh week and still breaking out but not nearly as bad as before in number and severity of the spots. With that said pretty much everyone responds differently to accutane and unfortunately there's no way to predict. Hopefully you don't have one at all, that happens too sometimes. Either way, good luck.

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I'm in the same boat. I'm on day 6 and all I've experienced so far is a bit of dry eyes and lips. Not any face dryness or an IB. I'm really nervous that I will get an IB later, but I hope that I don't!!! Finger's crossed!

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My big break out happened during the second week... but during the 4th week I also had a few random bumps come up. Some people don't have an IB at all though, so maybe that will be your case! Good luck! :)

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First round in 09 I never had an IB so use be one of the lucky ones who doesn't. Not everyone gets it

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