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Week 8



The past two weeks haven't been all that bad. Last week I started alternating the days with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and my skin was much softer and not as dry but I did get more pimples. Then this weeks I went back on the benzoyl peroxide everyday and its dry again but the pimples stopped. It's not that I hate the dry skin that much but I feel like I can see how dry it is and it just looks bad. It looks like it's being dried out too much. I hate how it looks not to mention how it feels but I guess it's better than having pimples on my face. I just have to find a moisturizer than can make me not look so dry and doesn't make me break out like crazy.

I'm thinking of trying the new proactive. I might just be asking for trouble but the new one is supposed to be gentler than the old formula that I tried. That was a disaster. There was something in their step 3 that just made me feel blistered. But I think it was the thickest acne cream I've tried. It felt moisturizing when I was putting it on. I really don't know what to use anymore. All the moisturizers I try either break me out or just make me so shiny you can see me reflect from a mile away. I think I'll probably stick to what I'm doing just a little bit longer and see if my skin adjusts to it.

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Try adding vegetable gylcerin to your moisterizer. Works like a charm! A drop or two should do the trick. :)

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