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Red Light Therapy



I discovered this new treatment for acne! I am not sure if it is just a quick fix, or if it will completely get rid of everything for good! At many tanning beds they are offering red light therapy! It's actually amazing because it only takes 20 minutes and your zits are almost going away!

You have to go multiple times for it to look 100% better, and its kind of expensive. I am lucky to have parents that are willing to help me out financially with my skin problems because they know how much I am struggling with my skin. I probably spent over $300 on it. But I feel like it was worth it! My skin looks so much better and I am going to keep going! It really helps with scarring too!!! It only dries out the pimples and the rest of my dry skin completely healed! I highly reccomend doing it! But not as your only regimen.... becuase its not getting to the root of the problem of where your acne is coming from. So stick with your diet and regimen as well!

So I have tried everything in the book (except accutane) for getting rid of my acne, and nothing has completely helped. There is one thing that I have not tried yet and that is QUITTING SMOKING. I am addicted to smoking but have been cutting back a lot recently. I plan on quitting completely when I get back from vacation and see what happens!

This is what I plan on doing:

-quitting smoking

-taking Yaz BC for hormones and acne

-getting off doxycycline

-sticking to my regimen

-sticking to my diet

-and red light therapy

*also I am going to see this esthetician who has helped my friend get rid of her acne!

and if that doesn't help then I GIVE UP haha

I will update when I get back from vacation on how my skin reacts with the beach! :/

Wish me luck!

P.S. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND RED LIGHT THERAPY so you don't have to walk around feeling so awful about yourself. It is almost a miracle.


I just started getting red and blue light therapy facials and am hoping for similar results. As for smoking... I too thought that perhaps smoking and all of those nasty chemicals might be a contributing factor to my skin problems. So I quit, kind of. Went the whole e-cigarette route and haven't looked back. Yes, e-cigs still have nicotine, but at least I'm not putting the other 3,000+ chemicals into my body. Eventually, I am going to quit vaping as well, but one step at a time, right? If you decide to give the e-cig route a try send me a message and I'll shoot you some info about best brands, etc. Good luck with your journey!

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I actually went the vapor cig route and I liked it...but I started breaking out really badly around the time I did that. I thought the oils that I used were clogging my pores. What kind do you use? How much did your skin improve after you quit cigarettes?

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Hey! I'm also doing red light therapy and it seems to be working so far, but I have to be consistent. I quit smoking for 2 years and my skin texture improved a lot, and so did my metabolism. Unfortunately, due to stress I began smoking again and I started getting some congestion and milia, which I'm sure are from the smoke. I tried the e-cigs before but they just made me crave "real" cigarettes more. When I quit, I just quit cold turkey, and I started drinking hot tea every time I wanted to smoke and that helped. Lollipops helped me too. I'm hoping I can quit again...when you quit once, it gets easier.

Are you still doing the red light treatments? Do you also use blue light?

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