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29 Weeks



I go to China in 3 weeks,super excited.. I wonder how I'll go with all of my pills haha. So I still have 2 lumps under my kin, same places as the dermo thought they would 'go away them selves' ha.. that was almost 2 months ago now so I'm going to try and get back in before I travel. Im super happy as I can completely cover my redness now just with Clinique Red Solution foundation in Ivory, I have had the same 30ml bottle since about March and it's still about half way.. I also found it on ebay for cheaper for when I am out.

I am still accutane, possibly until mid next year, dragging, the only thing thats annoying me about it is the corner of the mouths, just cracks and really dry and flakey. (as you can see in my gallery.)

well i just thought id put up some pics to show my sloowwww but sure progress.