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Accutane Journey



Next week, Monday begins my accutane journey...again. I was on accutane years ago at the age of 23 and now am beginning a round at age 32, as of yesterday!!!! I had perfectly clear skin, and after having my daughter, my skin began going crazy, slowly but surely. I tried all the creams, antibiotics, BC, spiro etc. to no avail. I was depressed and it began severely affecting my life... So, my awesome Derm allowed me to start again. Praise god. Honestly people, I know all the side effects so no need to lecture on why mild acne shouldn't be treated w accutane. If nothing else works and it effects ur quality of life, it's worth it to me. I had absolutely no side effects last round, except dry lips, a few nose bleeds and dry eyes. And it worked within a month. I don't have severe acne, just under the skin cysts that are persistent and don't respond to any other therapy. Worst around my period, blackheads, and combo skin. I'm so ready to start accutane, and cannot wait.in the past year I've tried lasers as well, and that took care of some brown spots, but that's about it. I'm tired of wasting my time and money.

My Derm has me on 40 for 2 months and then 60mg for 3 for 5 months...I weigh about 117.

Starting Monday, I think I will begin with 20mg a day for the first week just to see how I respond. And move up from there.

Wish me luck, I haven't ever kept a log so I'm excited to keep track of my progress:). Anyone else journeying with me please feel free to post and lets stay in touch!!!


I am 25/f and I've been on accutane for 2 weeks now at 30mg. This is my first time on it, and so far I just have dry lips and eyes with mildly dry skin. I was on minocycline before this, so that cleared my moderate/severe acne pretty good but I was still breaking out. So right now I would say the majority of acne is around my mouth/chin.

Good luck with your journey as well!!

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You as we'll. u will be so glad u did it. It was a god send for me last time. Most o my acne is hormonal as well (jawline). Despite BC and spiro it didn't work. I'm thrilled to be on it again. What dosage r you on? I was on a higher dose last time but not worried bc I will have reached my cumulative dose of 120mg/kg

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Not appreciated, I completely an wholeheartedly disagree with you!!!

Needless to say. Accutane is postponed till next week. Decided to do vbeam laser to help w some red marks bf a yr of nothing to my face! Frustrated but know its the right thing!

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Just be safe and I truly hope you have success! Keep us posted it with the results... Personally I just turned 30 and I swear it brought on changes I never would have expected with my skin. It's like as I stepped into adulthood and my skin decided to act like a teenager LOL... Not cool! Just started the regime and hoping simplifying and some other stuff will help turn the tides around :)

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