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Accutane Isotretinoin Roaccutane



hey, so im new to this!

im 19 from the uk and have normal to dry skin

i went to my first dermatologist appointment a few days ago and he put me straight onto accutane which im due to start in a months time, he has put me on the pill for a month before hand.

i wouldn't say i have severe acne and its not cystic, i just scar very easily, i also have the acne on my back!

so just wanting to know any advice you can give me pre accutane! like which products you recommend? bare in mind i live in the uk, when will i notice the side effects? when do results appear? how were your experiences? all that palava!

obviously i know everyone experiences things at a different times

Cyaa xxxxxx

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Hey! I just started Accutane 4 days ago, so I am still learning about how to cope while on Accutane, but I do have the products I'm using listed in my Day 2 blog post! :)

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