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Roaccutane Diary -Week 2-3



So I'm on my 18th day now and seem to have passed a small IB. I got maximum 7-8 around my chin and mouth which pretty much dried up and went within 2 days! I still have the small pink hyper pigmentation but this usually takes a little longer to go down. One major this to note, I rarely get blackheads but as of day 12 ish I noticed my whole nose and chin were covered in them! Only small barely noticeable (I spend s much time 2cm away from the mirror I can see them). I read that basically my skin is opening it's pores and pushing out everything! And now when I wash my face they literally fall out and it feels a little grainy. Hopefully they will all be gone soon!

And My back has broken out with like 6 big painful bumps (rather my back than my face!)

Lips still dry but my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream seems to really be keeping chapping and peeling at bay :)

Hair doesn't need washing as much - I do it every 3 days which is quite nice it means less time faffing with my hair!!!

I've got a peeling patch on my elbow which us weird so I'm just moisturise that right now.

Some aches but nothing major. Went running for the first time since starting on day 12 and struggled slightly with energy but had no increased aching which I had expected.

I think that's all for now. Ill try to update again next week!

Ruth xo


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