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The Regimen; Day 10



So I have a theory that my acne has a really bad case of separation anxiety. Also, I think that there are some real superheroes among them who keep trying to fight the bp by setting up camps on the outskirts of my face, vigilantly awaiting any chance to ambush. I say this because I've been getting some painful singles on my neck and one just manifested on the very edge of my face, close to my right ear (a real brave'un). Like- out of nowhere! Must be a ninja... The new pimples are not visible, because they're underneath my jaw, but I think this marks the beginning of "the purge". It's as if my acne were a population and my face the only populated city in the universe of my body. The usual hang-out spots are danger zones for p.acnes, now that benzyol peroxide's moved in. So now, some attached locals are just hanging out on the the edges of my face in hopes that I'll forget to apply benzyol peroxide some day. I have a feeling that I'll be one of those people who'll have to stay on the regimen for an indefinite amount of time. Right now, I've just decided to deal with the issue by applying bp as far down my neck as possible. Hopefully this will discourage the brave ones from trying to save their kind. Superheroes are good, but can you imagine the pimple version of The Hulk? :o


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Your post totally cracked me up, funny stuff! I'm on day 4 of DKR and it's going well. I'm hoping I'm going to be one of the lucky ones and skip the skin purge altogether, but I've never had any luck with my acne so... Keep up the good fight!

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I wish you luck on that! I thought I would be lucky as well, but was still curiously fascinated to see my skin go through one of "the phases". You know? It kinda validates the research... Going through an observed routine, obeying the acne-prone skin laws, lol. I'm just waiting for the conclusion of it all! :)

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