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Update On My Skin Today!

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My skin was looking pretty good until this morning I decided to lay out for 15 minutes! ughh it just made my patches even more red!!! dang it!

I have a few whitehead/pimples still that I am trying to get rid of. I thought laying out would help dry them out quicker!

My skin is looking much better except for all the scarring and red spots!!! It looks like I still have acne but they are just those stupid spots that wont go away on my cheek. :((((

I want these pimples to go away ASAP I only have less than a week for my skin to look better!!! I am scared I am going to look like a freak in front of my crush.

This random breakout is seriously ruining my life.

Will scarring medicine like mederma help to put on my face? I am scared to try it!

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I know how you feel. I used to soak up the sun so perfectly. My face and body a rich brown color. Now, my body still tans, thank god, but my face turns apple red! Yikes! Its from the tretinoin, which I cannot stop using and prolly (PROBABLY) from the benzaclin too. PEACE!

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Scarring medicine takes a while to work, not just a week. I suggest not laying in the sun anymore, getting lots of rest and drinking green tea. Mario Badescu drying lotion is great for drying up a few whiteheads, it is sold at Ulta for $17. To clear up any dry patches on your skin, apply a non-fragrance lotion, and drink lots of water.

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I have naturally olive skin so I tan really easily! and I am going to the beach in a few days so I am nervous about how my skin will react (especially being on Doxy)

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