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Update: Organic Tamanu Oil & Rosehip Seed Oil

I've been seeing some huge changes in my skin! God is good!

So the tamanu and rosehip seed oils arrived a few days ago, I've been using them since then and they have not disappointed. BUT the reason my skin has had such big changes is that I've stopped picking it. That's about 60% of it. These oils, though, are pretty incredible.

Here's what I've been doing so far

(keep in mind that it's summer and i'm not doing anything on a daily basis)

In the morning I rinse my face, sometimes using a cleanser (whole foods' version of cetaphil) but mostly just using cool water. I pat dry then put on grapeseed oil. For myself at least, I noticed that the more of this oil I use the better so I'm not shy in the amount. Especially where I have a pimple or very dark mark. This is what I leave on my skin till the night.

Then at around 6:30-7pm I shower and rinse my face again or use the cleanser. Sometimes (1-2 times a week) I use a 10% bp bar of soap in the shower, but this is not a regular thing. Then I dry my skin and put on tamanu oil. It does smell but it's tolerable. Pretty thick, I leave it in the fridge and it freezes a bit. I let that sink in for a few minutes (the more the better but sometimes I don't feel like waiting). Then after it sinks in I use the rosehip seed oil. No smell and feels like argan oil if you've ever tried that. Tamanu oil and gso are dry oils and rosehip seed is a regular "oily" oil so keep that in mind. Nonetheless I like them all. Then I usually put gso on any spots to really treat it. And voilà smile.png

Right now I have 2 pimples - no joke, I used to have around 10-15 everyday. My dark spots are SO MUCH BETTER. It's unbelievable, my makeup looks so even, and I'm very happy. Mostly because nothing in my face is heavily hurting (such as was the case with cysts) so that in itself is the greatest relief.

Oh, and I'm exfoliating once a week (usually with Olay Microdermabrasion Kit, it's awesome but I've only a tiny bit left!), I feel it's enough because these oils are astringent and exfoliating.


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