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Accutane Day 2



I am on Day 2 of Accutane. I took 1 40 mg pill with breakfast this morning. So far, I haven't experienced much of anything in the way of side effects. I did have a bit of a headache after taking my pill yesterday morning, but it felt more like a brain freeze and went away after a few minutes.

Here is what I'm using in the way of skin, body, lip, and eye products while on Accutane:

-Aquaphor for lips

-CeraVe Cleansing Lotion (Have been using for 2 months)

-CeraVe Pump Moisturizer (Have been using for 2 months)

-CeraVe Creamy Tub Moistuizer (just for hands and once I get extremely dry skin)

-Jergen's Ultrahealing Body Lotion (I've always used this)

-ReNu Moisturizing Eye Drops

-Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Conditioner (love, love, love this!)

I stopped using my skin care regimen about a week ago before I started Accutane. I will not be using my Olay ProX Face Brush until I know how dry and fragile my skin is going to get. It's probably too harsh for my skin on Accutane.

I'll keep updating as the days go on, especially once I have more to report. Like I said, I'm REALLY hoping I don't have a bad initial breakout because my pores are fairly clear from the previous skin care regimen. Knock on wood.

If you have comments or suggestions for products, let me know!


Hey, congratulations on starting! Good luck and I hope you don't have bad side effects or IB, but don't get too down if you do. It'll be well worth it in the end.

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Good luck! :) I think you'll love the brand Cerave... it works really well for me! Don't be disheartened too much by the initial breakout if it does happen for you... it happened to me and I just tried to power through it.

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Thanks! :) I really, really appreciate the encouragement and advice! Are you both on Accutane right now? When did you notice it starting to work?

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