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Night Routine:

So I found the solution to the extremely uncomfortable skin problem. Someone somewhere (thank you so much, Sir/Madam) mentioned that exfoliating with jojoba oil before the treatment step was a good way of keeping dry skin at bay, however I was a bit worried that doing that would influence the effectiveness of the benzoyl peroxide afterward. Instead, I used a very generous amount of jojoba oil and massaged it into my skin before doing the cleanser step. I let the jojoba oil do its thang for about 10 minutes and then proceeded as usual. I also really went to town with the moisturizing step, again sleeping face up to prevent myself from rubbing it off into my pillows. Woke up the next morning and BAM- (*angels singing*) I found the cure to itchiness and flakes. Don't get me wrong, I still have dry skin, but I found that drenching your skin in moisturizer at night really improves the condition of your skin in the morning and cures the itchiness almost completely. I was at a point the last few days where I thought the itchiness was going to eventually discourage me from continuing with the regimen.


On another topic: Sunscreen. With much hesitation, I'm obliged to go outside on a daily basis excepting weekends (although I suspect I won't get away with that for as long as I'd like to). I've always been a fan of sunscreen, so I'm used to applying it and I think I have a good suggestion for anyone out there looking for a good sunscreen. Before I started the regimen, I came across a really good sunscreen: Total Block by Fallene in SPF 65. I personally prefer a sunblock with high SPF and the ones suggested on this site are all too low for my taste. The reason I think Total Block would be an ideal sunscreen for people on the regimen is because it uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both physical sunscreens, which are much better for your skin than chemical ones. Also, Total Block is really moisturizing (you'll have to let it dry for a bit) and although I bought the one that dries clear, you can purchase the tinted version which allows you to customize your own color (the pigment and sunblock come separately, so you can mix your shades yourself). So, there you go: Physical sunscreen, high SPF, moisturizing for 'dem flakes, and available in a tinted version (for those of you not wanting to deal with the issue of makeup).

Here is a link to amazon if you would like to look at reviews or purchase it:


Coconut Oil:

When I purchased Dan's three step system, I did not buy the jojoba oil because I already had some. Wrong move. I assumed that since it was oil, I wouldn't be using that much and that the 1oz I had left in a bottle I bought a while back would last me. Never have I been so wrong. Long story short, I have a few drops left and I'm panicking. Jojoba oil has been the cure to the horrible dry skin I was having in the past few days. My question is: Can I use coconut oil on my face? I LOVE coconut oil and it loves me back. I've been using Barlean's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for oil pulling and moisturizing my skin after showers for some time now and it has been so good to me, I have pledged exclusivity. However, I don't want to put any pressure on our relationship by expecting it to get along with my facial skin as well. What's the word on coconut oil and acne-prone skin? I've done some research, but I suppose since this is an acne community, there would be better answers here.


Recommended Comments

Hello again! Coconut oil might be comedogenic, and if it has fragrance, it'll irritate your skin. Watch out. However, some people have no problem with it. Make sure it's organic, and see how your skin reacts to it if you want! Jojoba is probably the best way to go, though, and you can also buy it in most food stores. You don't have to get it from acne.org.

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Yes, the coconut oil I use is certified organic and USDA approved. It's a raw product, so it doesn't have any additives. Hmm... I think I'll wait some time before experimenting on my skin with it though. Meanwhile, I'll try to find some good jojoba oil somewhere where I can access it physically (I love Dan's products though because they come in ginormous quantities for the best price possible as well as being of top quality).

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