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Lucky Number 7



It's funny. Well, maybe not funny. But, not what I expected. My dermatologist thought that I would be done with Accutane by month 4. And guess what? I just filled a prescription for month 7. It's so weird how nothing is how you expect it to be with this medicine. I'm so thankful for Accutane, though. Truly I am. I would rather stay on it forever and have the dried lips, the constant blood tests, the pregnancy tests, and the side effects... then ever have to deal with insecurities through acne.

I really feel blessed. Even though I am still experiencing MINOR, MINOR breakouts... it's so much better then it was when I started. At the beginning, I never looked in a mirror. NEVER. Now, I put on mascara, take pictures with my friends, and just live. That's all we want. Is to live without the thought of ugliness tapping into the back of our minds. Accutane has given me that.


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