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Day 30: Feel The Chemical Burn

I might have gone a bit overboard on the AHA. I feel like there's no proper instruction on how much to use! I read somewhere to use 1/2 AHA and 1/2 moisturizer...does that mean one pump of moisturizer and one pump's worth of AHA? Because I did that. And oh man, that was a lot of AHA.

My face BURNED so badly. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just dealt with it. Luckily, in the morning, nothing terrible had happened, but my skin is pretty red and sore today. It looks like a minor sunburn. Hopefully I can feel out how much AHA I should really be using with my moisturizer...but anyone please feel free to tell me!

I've also been pretty sensitive lately about my hyperpigmentation marks. They're very apparent, and from a distance it almost looks like I have severe acne because my spots are just so red! A couple of users on the forums reminded me that I'm probably noticing my red marks more because there's less active acne, which I realized is accurate. Living under fluorescent lighting doesn't really help, either. There are still a few tiny whiteheads on my cheeks, but they're practically falling off of my face, and not inflamed at all.

Feeling grateful for this progress so far, and I need to keep reminding myself that I'm only 1/3 way there.

Meanwhile, I'm going to submerge my face into a bucket of ice.

Just kidding. But seriously, I would.


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omgggggg. AHA sounds like brutal stuff. I'm debating when I should start using it...it's just staring at me on my vanity every morning and night D:

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I understand, it's pretty intense O: but seriously, I would recommend it, if you feel like its benefits would help your skin. It's been working some wonders already, I just need to make sure I'm using the right amount. Gonna use a thin index finger's length :)

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