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New Foundation, Rosehip Seed Oil & Tamanu Oil

I was running out of my foundation the other day, Revlon Colorstay. I've been using it for around a year now and It's been the best I could find, covered a lot and didn't make me too oily. Only thing I hated about it was the fact that it contains parabens, something I don't want to slather on my skin everyday. I really try to avoid parabens in all my skin care.

Anyway, while researching on Amazon for a new foundation around the same price, I decided to try out Revlon's Colorstay Whipped,

around the same type as my old one but sans-parabens. Long story short, bought it and I really love it! It's kind of more expensive and has less but it's worth it, what I'm going to do though is use my Ulta coupon (I think it's once a month) to buy it, so with it it's around $11 instead of $14, pretty good. Covers really wells, just like the regular colorstay but looks a bit more natural and more smooth. AND surprisingly enough it controls oil even better, which is a huge plus for me. I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and it's really amazing, I recommend it to anyone. I used to use the elf powder brush, but it doesn't compare to this one.

Another update skin-wise:

Grapeseed oil is going fantastic still - thank God! My skin is looking great compared to before, only a few pimples that are reduced each day. And A LOT OF HEALING, I'm so glad. However, the thing with this oil (FOR ME) is that I can see that a) it will take around 6 months to completely clear me of pih + acne or b) it will only keep me 90% clear. I won't stop using it because it's amazing and I see progress everyday but I want to try these other two oils to see if they give me an extra "oommph" however you spell that :)

I am now awaiting two more oils that I ordered from eBay: Tamanu & Rosehip Seed

I've kept my promise to myself and haven't picked/popped in around two weeks, I've never gone this long so God is great for keeping me in control. I'm so happy smile.png

So the oils, I read a lot about them before buying. They are mainly for dark spots & acne, but hopefully they also help the 2-3 scars that I have. I had actually researched these two oils (separately) about 2 years ago but never took the plunge to buy them, I don't know, people & websites always say things works and then they don't. But I'm keeping my faith. Why? Well I was afraid of GSO the same way, and it has worked out to be a great blessing.

Tamanu should be here tomorrow and I'm really excited!! It looks to be pretty amazing from what I read on Make Up Alley. Rosehip seed oil is comparable to retin-a (which I've never tried) so lots of vitamin A is going to be great to exfoliate the skin of the hyper-pigmentation.

Here's to hoping my skin improves each day! Each day counts x1000000 because college is 2-3 weeks away and I really want my skin to repair itself.

Best of luck to anyone reading.