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The Regimen; Day 8



The horribleness of "the flaky period" is upon me in full force. My skin is really hard to ignore and I've been seriously considering how much scraping off my skin would hurt for the last few hours. I've never really scraped off my skin, so I can't really decide whether the pain would be greater than the itchiness (I'm also afraid that at this point, I would prefer the pain). I am really piling on the moisturizer and jojoba oil, but there seems to be no escape. My eyes itch, I think from the proximity to benzyol peroxide (they water without any warning at all and feel gritty). I'm afraid to go on-campus in case my flaked-off skin/pink-watery-eyes should provoke speculation about the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. Really. I've been haunting the message boards here trying to find some solution and some people are still complaining about dryness 23 days in, 46 days in... I can definitely see why some people quit altogether. I've committed to the regimen though, so I know I still have a long way to go. Man. I'm panicking about the time I'll have to live like this. Keep reminding myself that acne is worse than dryness (relativity has been playing an active role in many aspects of my life lately). Plus I AM curious to see whether the regimen works. I've got three days until summer classes end and one month-ish until regular term begins. I'd like to be rid of this uncomfortableness by then (fingers crossed).


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How much benzoyl peroxide are you using? Your skin might be reacting to it if you're using too much. Otherwise, the last week and a half or so my skin was HORRIBLY dry; it was scaly and peeling, and I couldn't even open my mouth completely. Just keep doing what you're doing, and I promise it'll go away. Your skin's just adjusting, and it'll be good to shed all of those layers and get everything out in the open to treat :) You can try exfoliating with some jojoba before cleansing, or reapply as much moisturizer as your skin needs. I even peeled off a few flakes with a tweezer a couple of times (gross, I know haha).

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You know, last night I came across someone's suggestion (I couldn't trace back to the original) that I should use jojoba oil to exfoliate my skin gently (with fingertips) before doing the benzoyl peroxide. Instead of this, I did the jojoba oil exfoliation before the cleanser and after the treatment I applied a very generous amount of jojoba-infused moisturizer and my skin was pretty calm this morning. SO much better. I'm going to continue doing this. Oh, and by the way, I'm using a full index-finger's length of benzoyl peroxide morning and night.

-Thanks for your suggestions :)

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Oh, well that explains why you're so dry! Haha there's nothing wrong with using the full amount of BP this early on, but your skin will absolutely be uncomfortably dry because of this. I took 3 weeks to gradually work up to using the full amount. Nonetheless, glad your skin is doing better from the jojoba! :D

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