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Day 22



Its been about 3 weeks so far. Everything is going well in terms of side effects. My acne doesnt really look any different, but atleast I havent had an initial breakout. I have noticed that my hair and face gets less oily. I really want to up my dosage because im still taking 50 mgs a day and i think i need to go higher. My derm appointment in aug 6 so i will ask about upping the dosage then. I had a consultation with my gyno today and it turns out that i have to get my dermoid cyst on my left ovary removed. Its 5 cms now and growing fast. My gyno said the dermoid cyst could be leading to my cystic acne but there is no way to be sure. I will be getting surgery to remove it so we'll see!

Im still dealing with the huge cyst on my left cheek that doesnt seem to be improving.....