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I'm sorry I haven't posted about the past few days. I didn't have time to access the internet this weekend. I'll just quickly summarize how my skin's been doing:

Day 25: Again, flaky skin. Even though I was in a van for about 10 hours, I insisted on wearing makeup the entire day. There were travel videos to worry about and such. I bought Tarte's Maracuja Miracle Foundation the day before, which is a liquid. The woman selling me the product was successful in convincing me that liquid foundation would look better on my face than powder, since my skin is so dry. It's a good foundation, but my flakes were still visible under it. Later that night, when I was finally able to wash my face (about 3:30am), I popped a few pimples that I didn't want to be seen the next day by the camera. It looked pretty horrid but cleared well enough the next day to put on makeup.

Day 26: I had to wake up at 6am on Sunday to start getting ready, so I slept for about 2 hours. Great. I also probably shouldn't have done this, but I did the Regimen again (12 hour intervals? NOPE). My skin didn't really seem to care, thankfully. When I got to the makeup artist, my skin was still considerably flaky and red, but she covered everything nicely. :) My bumps still stood out, of course, but the camera didn't pick them up. My face also started to cake later in the day, but the artist assured me it was because of the powder she used, which made me feel awesome, because my skin wasn't being lame.

Day 27: I got back at 7:30am yesterday, with about another 2 hours of sleep . I think I skipped the Regimen Sunday night, because I didn't have time to wash my makeup off before leaving in the van. I ended up wearing my makeup for more than 12 hours. I was pretty concerned about my skin. BUT, when I finally took everything off and washed my face, my skin was actually looking pretty good! It didn't suffer that much at all. I had a couple of new whiteheads around my mouth, but I didn't mind. Maybe my skin needed a break from cleansing and treating.

Day 28: Today, I'm back to work, and my skin can finally breathe again. There are still some bumps left over, but they're clearing well. There's a lot of hyperpigmentation, however. I'm waiting for the AHA to arrive so I can start to work on that. The flakiness has gone down considerably. :) I also start my new birth control today. Woohoo!

Sorry I got so behind! Going back to regular posting.


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