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5 Weeks Ish



Hey there

I may have been a bit off with my timings in my last entry so it has been five and a half weeks on Dianette birth control and about 4 and a half of nightly Differin use.

In my last entry I was seeing progress and this did continue there were days I was like wow this is really going down but then there where others where I felt it looks the same or worse? I wasn't getting any major new spots, I had some cysts under the skin that came up again maybe two or three on my cheek and abut two or three smaller ones on my jawline, but within a week these seem to be going down. My family's main comment is that the redness has reduced so although new spots may pop up every couple of days the redness of the previous ones and hyperpigmentation seems to be fading.

As of Saturday/Sunday I felt a further change in my skin, it feels a lot smoother and yesterday I would say is the best my worst bit, my cheek has look in ages, there were only about two active pimples, those cysts that seems to be on their way down so were easy to cover and my boyfriend said it is definitely fading. It feels easier to moisturise and put make up on. I felt a new spot last night, but it doesn't seem cystic and I am keeping my cool, I realise Differin is maybe a few steps forward and one back until things settle down so I'm trying not to let it get me down too much. One other thing I have added back into my regimen is my Aztec warrior clay mask I used to use it and loved it but this was when my skin was clear, so far so good, seems to refine my pores and I'm gonna try do it a couple of times a week. Forehead is still looking good, a couple of blocked pores but nothing my powder can't cover. My chin is still giving me bother, it seems to be the most irritated by the differin, although I have noticed that the bigger spots that were coming from the loads of little clogged pores seem to have settled down Although still have some clogged pores and redness if I look close there seem to be less so I will just need to be patient.

Going to get another prescription of Dianette as my two months are done, I did run two packs on that I maybe shouldn't have done as it seems to have messed up my period a bit (sorry for any guys reading!) but hopefully this will settle down in my third month. It's hard to tell if it is the Differin or Dianette that is working, my main problem with my skin the now is that it is still quite oily, especially the area where I still have acne but I am hoping once things clear up and calm down that this might change and maybe Dianette is still to reach it's full potential. Oh ditched the Clinique toner, was too drying. Using a drop of skinceuticals phyto plus in my moisturiser maybe it is helping with redness too not sure with keep and eye on it.

Well till the next time, hope things keep going in the right direction...hope you are all doing well. I keep telling myself, it can take Accutane a few months to kick in so I need to be patient with Differin and Dianette and not expect instant result.



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