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Day #3



So I tried a new cleanser by Neutrogena last night and it completely dried my skin out after only one use so I will not be using that again. The side effects of the birth control seem to be going away although I am still a bit tired. I'm not sure if it is too soon to say this but I think it's working. After my initial breakout, which still left it's mark, I haven't been getting any new pimples. There are still a few stubborn ones that won't go away but it isn't that big of a deal because I can cover it with makeup relatively easily. I just hope it continues to keep getting better. Acne marks are almost just as embarrassing as acne itself. I haven't been squeezing or popping either so I don't understand why it has to leave scars and why it takes so long for those scars to heal.

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Hi. chemical based products also dry out my skin and made things worse because it disrupted the ph balance. You should try reveal it's natural and gentle. It completely transformed by face.

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